A look back at 2020

A year of “behind the scenes”

When I look back at 2020, I feel like there wasn’t a lot that happened.

But once I started looking back,

I realized a lot of changes happened

this past year.

Most of them were behind the scenes,

but I would love to share some of these

new changes with you

Switched over to Ableton Live 10

One of the biggest changes I made last year.

I had previously had been using LMMS, but I purchased Ableton live 10 in November of 2019. I decided to fully switch over to Ableton Live 10 in 2020, and have continued to push forward learning new mixing, mastering, and creativity techniques.

No Quit Concert in Ohio

Late January, I got to go on my first concert in Ohio, with Edify, True Muzik and a couple other artists. This was my first time also running, and facilitating a show as the main MC, and running the audio equipment.

Homecomings, more concerts, and weddings

Got to DJ the Northern Michigan Christian School’s Homecoming, with over 100 people.

I also had 5 weddings, and 8 concerts despite Covid.

No Quit Concert in Grand Rapids

-Mid March

The biggest show we did this year in our home state! Super awesome opportunity at the Edge featuring: True Muzik, Quese, Edify, and Zay Marr.

Left Rebounderz

Late February

After DJing at Rebounderz for over a year, I decided to move and pursue other ventures. It was great DJing for you Rebounderz! Keep bouncing on

Another Year of Crazy YouTube Numbers – Greatest Showman broke 150k

Launched the brand new malachicorliss.com as well as designing and hosting edifysounds.com

Everyone knows that you can’t talk about 2020

without talking about Corona.

We tried to lighten the mood to get everyone through it.

Released 4 Remixes this year! Had even more collaboration sessions that will be coming in 2021

Also, I got married to this amazing woman

-Sept 12

Lockdown Livestream

-Early April

I got to Produce and DJ the very first Lockdown Livestream, featuring amazing talent including Steven Malcolm, Edify, BCoe (producer for NF), OA, and Kevi Morse.

I also got to help Journey Church by producing their online presence, including live streams services, worship videos, and mini sermons.


-Late October

Got to officially release the On God EDM Remix, which is available on all streaming platforms on Edify’s latest album “HIGHER CALLING”

That’s most of it. All things considered, what a great year.

Here’s to 2021 and the opportunities that will be coming from it.

Thanks for all my supporters and fans.

Let’s make 2021 a banger.

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